Epic - Sales History & Analysis

The EPIC Sales History and Analysis module is built around the ‘Drill-down’ concept. It provides sales data in summary then in more detail as needed. Management can start with Month-To-Date & Year-To-Date information, and drill down to get daily sales, by salesman, by product group, and by individual items. The same sales information is summarized by customer, then for each customer it is detailed by product group, by invoice, and by part number.

The many Epic Sales Reports each fill a specific need. Reports can automatically print daily, listing sales and profits, cylinder transactions, inventory levels, and back orders generated and received. The End of Month, Quarter, and Period procedures generate additional reports showing longer term trends.

The sales analysis menu leads management into the EPIC sales analysis system. Many of the sales reports can be viewed on the screen and/or printed to paper.

The daily business summary allows management to clearly see sales by the day and accumulated sales totals for the month.

The "who bought what when" report helps management know which customers are buying what items, and therefore, be able to determine inventory stocking levels and what inventory to stock for which customers.

Reports on sales by customer, salesman, branch, zip code, product and commission are readily available. Other reports can be extracted, such as ranked sales by customer, product, dollars, or units.

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