Epic - Order Entry & Sales

The EPIC Order Entry module was designed to be fast, easy, and thorough. Pop-up windows provide access to most of the information that the user needs to enter an order or make a sale. Entry can be 'suspended’ to allow the user to look up any desired information or perform other tasks as needed.

As a user is talking to a customer, the complete customer profile can be viewed on the screen from any point in the EPIC system by simply pressing a 'hot key' - then selecting which information is desired. Information available includes customer balances, outstanding invoices, cylinder balances and activity, sales history of products, stock availability and pricing, outstanding orders, back orders and so forth ….

Customer accounts are checked for terms and remaining credit, comments are shown, and purchase order number requirements are checked.

Item numbers can be called up easily using look-up windows. Inventory availability checks reserved quantities. Pricing is preset by management, thus eliminating confusion or delays and improving pricing accuracy and consistency. Built in system flexibility allows for price overrides (any price overrides appear on exception reports).

Serial numbers entered for cylinders and equipment are checked for validity and the system warns when discrepancies are found. Cylinder balances are checked for shipped and returned quantities, and deposits are billed on new cylinders (when required).

Sales tax is computed based on where the merchandise is exchanged, and built-in features examine the parameters set for the item and the customer for sales tax computation.

The printing of tickets is rich in options and features. Formless printing allows the use of inexpensive blank paper, and an optional company heading and offsets make the use of pre-printed forms look sharp. Prices can be suppressed on pick tickets.

Tickets are modifiable. A customer can change his mind four times before being given a quote, which can be added to as it becomes an order, and modified again after the actual delivery, all without retyping in the unchanged portions of the ticket.

Invoices can be stored for an unlimited length of time. Copies of invoices can be viewed on the screen easily. An invoice can be faxed directly to the customer if the fax option (sold as an add-on module in the EPIC system) was purchased, or an invoice copy can be printed, then faxed or mailed.

! Handles entry of stocked/non-stocked items

! Straight forward handling of returned goods

! Allows standard comments to be setup in advance, and called up during order entry

! Maintains up to seven standard selling prices extended to 3 decimal positions

! D.O.T. compliant print format of hazard materials

EPIC automatically handles the following:

! Updating of quanties on hand, back orders, and returned goods and cylinder

! Variable volume cylinders and filling gas accounting

! Quantity discount with group option

! Contract prices - Special/Sale prices - Delivery charges

! Sales tax exemption on customers & items

! HazMat charges

! ‘MSDS’ required notice printed on ticket

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