Epic - Payroll

The EPIC Office Accounting Module includes the Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Payroll applications.

The EPIC Payroll program provides complete payroll processing and reporting capabilities. Personnel information is maintained for inquiry and processing. Each employee's file contains information that is used in determining payroll, such as marital status, pay frequency, pay rate, deduction codes, etc.

Federal withholding tax tables are set up in order for the system to calculate the employee’s federal tax for a pay period. The tax tables may be overridden by a federal withholding amount or percentage in an employee's file. This may be necessary in the event an employee wants a specific amount of tax to be withheld. All state withholding tax tables are internal and are provided as part of your EPIC system. Again, these tax tables may be overridden by a state withholding amount or percentage. The federal tax and state tax records are assigned a general ledger account number for interfacing to the general ledger.

Unlimited deduction codes can be defined and assigned a general ledger account number for interfacing to the general ledger. These deduction codes may then be included in the employee's file. When payroll is processed, the deductions are included.

User defined job class codes and department codes are setup, enabling payroll distribution to be reviewed. These codes are also assigned to the employees' file.

FICA records, Medicare records, and occupation taxes are also defined and maintained. General ledger accounts are assigned to each for inter-facing to the general ledger. These three records will need to be updated every year the percentages change.

Payroll can be processed either manually or automatically, and can handle hourly pay, salary, commission, or base+ commission. The payroll program uses the information found in the tax records and the employee files, ensuring that the proper taxes and deductions are calculated. Adjustments may also be made as a free-form adjustment line.

The system maintains a detailed record of each employee’s pay checks for a complete year which can be viewed or printed at any time. Also, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date information is maintained on each employee for review.

Quarterly tax records are also maintained, providing accurate records of FUTA and state unemployment taxes.

Major Reports from the Payroll system include:

! Employee Information Report

! Pre-check List

! Payroll Checks

! Quarterly Tax Report

! Payroll Quarterly Summary

! W-2 forms

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