Epic - Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module encompasses all the functions that are necessary to maintain accurate records of your inventory assets. This comprehensive module contains maintenance functions for inventory files such as adding products and items or changing existing data, printing of reports, preparing purchase orders and receiving stock, tracking backorders, and performing end of month functions.

The Inventory module is rich in features and designed to be easy to use, makes data readily accessible, and is thorough in controls. The majority of the information about a given item is viewed on one major screen, and most of the item maintenance functions can be done by accessing the inventory sequentially.

Inventory is organized in groups of products. A three character prefix represents these product categories, most of the processing is designed to be performed by the product code. The prefix is followed by a fifteen (15) character part number that identifies each item uniquely. The size and type of the part number gives you flexibility and enhances the ease of identifying each item. Items can be called up on the screen easily in a variety of ways including manufacturer number, item description, or any part of the description.

The system maintains seven standard selling prices, each can be carried to 3 decimal places. Prices can be set up in various ways, such as being computed based on gross margin, or discount from list, etc. Individual contract prices can be assigned to a customer, or a pricesheet set up for multiple customers. Quantity breaks can be set up for each item with the option to combine different but related items together.

In addition to maintaining three different costs: Last, Base, and Average, the system has the capacity to reference up to five standard vendors for each item, each having three additional costs. The last cost paid from each vendor is also maintained.

The inventory system has a control mechanism that captures all activity on each item. The data captured is the beginning quantity, the activity (receipt, sale, transfer, or adjustment), the ending balance, and other parameters that help in determining the accuracy of the inventory.

Hazardous materials are set up to have MSDS. They can have an additional description that would be compliant with D.O.T. regulations, and can be printed on the delivery tickets. HazMat charges can be set up to be added to each sale.

Multiple branches are integrated into the Epic system. Branches can be automatically replenished. Reports can be produced for each, or for the company as a whole. In addition to a twelve month sales history for each branch location, the system also makes available a twelve month stock receipt (SR) history.

The EPIC system provides programs that allow you to set up, track and maintain serial numbers. Serial numbers can be maintained on any inventory item. When a serial numbered item is sold, the system automatically tracks the item by updating the serial number file. Inquiry programs enable you to find an item by its serial number, find what serial number a customer has, or look up by purchase order number.

The Inventory Management module keeps track of consignment to your customers. At any time, the consignments can be viewed on the screen showing who has the items and how many are consigned.

The EPIC Inventory system also handles your rental equipment. Equipment can be rented monthly, and monthly bills generated automatically to be sent out to customers. Depreciation can be set up to accrue as cost of the rental.

The following is a small sample of the reports from the EPIC Inventory Management module:

! Inventory Movement Audit Report

! Inventory List By Manufacture’s Number

! Price and Availability List

! List of Contract Prices by Item or Salesman

! Back Ordered List by Item or Customer

! Serial Number History List

! MSDS History File List

! List of MSDS Due Out Today

! Physical Inventory Listing

! Inventory Valuation Report

! Print Inventory Count Sheets

! Labels for Part Numbers

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