Epic - Optional Modules

Epic Software is committed to meeting all customer needs. Some of the many additional modules available for specific requirements are listed below.

The Fax Module is an add-on to the EPIC system which makes it possible to computer fax selected documents and reports, such as, a purchase order, an invoice, or a copy of an inquiry screen, with an optional cover page. MSDS sheets that are due can also be scheduled to fax automatically. The user can send to a stored fax number for a company name or enter new information. Transmission can be scheduled either immediately (with controllable re-dialing) or sometime later.

The Accounts Payable to Purchase Order add-on allows the retention of Purchase Orders, and the detection of price changes in vendor invoices. A report shows what prices have been raised, and simplifies the tasks of billing back or changing the costs in the system.

A Route and Driver add-on allows the assignment of a delivery to a particular route and/or driver. Delivery and Truck Loading Lists can be produced. It also generates a Driver Productivity Report.

The Cylinder Reconciliation Report add-on allows the assignment of cylinders to price categories. Data is automatically gathered and a report produced of customer balances, dock inventory, and sales.

A Cost Plus add-on is available for pricing based on the average or last cost of a particular item in inventory, and provides even finer control of pricing than the seven standard levels, such as 10% below list for a customer.

The Credit Memo add-on limits the issue of credit memo by user, tracks the reason for each return (defective or by user defined category), and produces daily reports of who returned and reason.

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