Epic - Cylinder Accounting

The Cylinder Accounting module makes tracking your cylinder assets easy and simple. The module interfaces with the Sales and Order Entry module seamlessly. When an order or an invoice is entered, the cylinder balances are checked and updated, new cylinder records are setup, and transactions are recorded to generate R & D billing at the end of the billing period (either monthly or quarterly).

When tracking cylinders by serial number, the serial numbers are checked for validity, and all transactions are recorded for the serial numbers to keep track of the movement of each serial numbered cylinder.

End of period billing produces R & D invoices with the flexibility of daily rates, end of month balance, or demurrage computation method.

The Cylinder Accounting module has many other impressive features, including:

! Maintains a record for each cylinder the customer uses

! Maintains a record for each transaction on each cylinder

! Option to track cylinders by serial number

! Maintains Month & Year to date shipped and returned totals on each cylinder for each customer

! Accumulates monthly sales totals for last 12 months on each cylinder for each customer

! Stores yearly totals for last two years on each cylinder for each customer

! Checks & updates balances when cylinders are shipped & returned

! Collect deposits on new cylinders

! Keep track of deposits collected

! Option to compute charges based on demurrage or rent

! Demurrage based on calendar month or specified number of days

! Rent is computed on number of days cylinders held or end of month balance

! Lease or Deposit agreements with flexible terms & life

! Lease renewal bills at maturity of lease

! Bill cylinder charges Monthly or quarterly

! Charge customers automatically for periodic retesting of cylinders

! Ability to add HazMat charges on Rent & Demurrage bills

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