Epic - Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable are maintained in an open item format and may be accessed at any time for inquiry, credit checking, and statement preparation. Previous period account receivable information is archived. Payments can be posted to a specific invoice, a group of invoices, or to pay oldest invoice first. Invoices can also be deferred to be paid in installments.

The system provides a wealth of reports. Aging reports in the standard aging periods (30, 60, 90, and 120 days), as well as aging periods unique to your company, are available. Overdue accounts, tax reports by county and state, aging reports by salesman, and customer lists by salesman, your defined customer class, pricesheet, and zip code can be printed. The Ranked Overdue List report sorts overdue accounts by outstanding amount, listing the customer owing the most first. This report can become a powerful tool for helping your company to reduce receivables and improve cash flow. These aging reports may also be used by management to establish and maintain credit limits on individual accounts.

The interactivity with the sales programs informs the sales person of the credit and aging status of an account while that account is being processed. Receivables are therefore monitored as they are being generated.

Any time an invoice is generated, the system automatically updates the accounts receivable file. When payments are made on an invoice, the system updates the accounts receivable file.

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