The EPIC software system is designed to work in the day-to-day operations of the welding equipment and supply distributor. Each part of EPIC’s fully integrated system has been field tested by actual customers and continuously refined to yield the industry’s most advanced software.

EPIC is an original product that was developed specifically for welding supply distributors and has been installed in these operations since 1980, where it has undergone continuous additions and refinements. It has taken many years of actual customer hands-on experience to develop a product this rich in benefits – exclusive features that you and your people will use every day. These features allow you to speed-up sales operations, improve customer service, keep tighter control over your inventory, minimize keystrokes for even the most complex task, and train your personnel quickly and easily.

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To learn more about the Epic Software solution please contact Lou Mansour

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Address....8426 Papelon Way  Jacksonville, Fl 32217

The Epic System Is A Total Software Solution for Welding Supply Distributors.

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